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The fastest-growing construction industry believes in up-to-the-minute machinery and equipment. A concrete batching plant is an absolute example of this statement.

RMC batching plant full form is Ready Mix Concrete batching plant. This machinery works on the formula of a ready-to-use approach.

By using the ready mix concrete batching plant, we can get ready concrete for construction that developers by mixing concrete in a stationary mixer in a mixing plant or central batching. Nilkanth Engineering Works is the leading RMC plant manufacturer.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant - Nilkanth Engineering Works

Gone were the days, when concrete was produced with the traditional approach. Now we are living in the state-of-the-art era where modern construction equipment makes things easier and hassle-free.

Without using a large labour force, we can produce high-quality concrete for the site by using the ready mix concrete batching plant.

This plant is an example of advanced technology because it involves a high degree of automation and mechanization. When we talk about the different components of RMC plants then we can say that a standard ready mix batching concrete plant has silos and bins.

Both are appropriate for the storage of cement and aggregates. As the leading RMC plant manufacturer, we manufacture top-notch quality machinery to set a new evolution in the construction industry.

What is RMC Plant?

Ready mix concrete batching plants can produce the ready-mix concrete with the particular job equipment and deliver it to the job site for ready-to-use. There are two methods to use this plant. First is a barrel truck or in-transit mixer.

These are the special types of trucks that work for the objective of delivering concrete in a plastic sort to the site. The second option is using the volumetric concrete mixer.

This principle also delivers the ready mix in a dry state and then works on the approach to mix the concrete on site. There are a few sources as well such as shrink mix, central mix, and transit mix concrete.

Advantages of Ready Mixed Concret (Advantages of RMC Plant):

Before investing in this machinery for your production needs, you must check the RMC plant benefits. We are going to describe the ready mix concrete batching plant advantages here to clear the doubts about the compatibility of this machinery.

  • It is the environment-friendly machinery that never works with the approach and methods which negatively harms the environment.
  • A user-centric advantage of the RMC plant can produce quality concrete without missing consistency.
  • It is advanced equipment for the construction goals through which project managers can complete the task within the deadline without depending on the labour force.
  • By using the RMC plant in India, you don’t need to store the construction materials on the job site and it saves time and space.
  • Companies can reduce labour costs by using this methodology for the production of concrete.
  • One of the major concerns of government and construction companies is reducing air and noise pollution during the task and the use of RMC plant in India ensures this very well.

Disadvantages of RMC Plant:

Every machinery has some advantages and disadvantages as well. Thus, you have to take a look at the flip side of ready-mix concrete batching plants as well.

  • If you are thinking to use the RMC plants in India for your projects then you have to take care of an effective transportation system. Many companies are not able to manage this due to the less budget.
  • Investing in the ready mix concrete batching plant means you have to spend a huge investment (however it works as a long-term investment).
  • RMC plant in India is suitable for big-size projects only because small projects have less budget.

How To Use Ready Mixed Concrete Plant (How To Use RMC Plant):

Concrete is the natural material that forms with the mineral materials such as water, cement, and aggregates. Nilkanth Engineering Works is one of the major RMC plant manufacturers in India.

Step 1.Hopper is the first thing that is required for the use of the RMC plant because it helps to deliver and unload the aggregates by a semi-trailer. Hopper is useful to limit the noise and dust emissions as well during the unloading process because it has the cladding feature.

Step 2.The next step is conveying aggregates by using a bucket elevator and conveyor belt.

Step 3.Once the second task is done, then we will go for the process of storing aggregates in compartmented silos. However, we can also use the hopper as per the capacity required for the production of the plant which varies between 100 to 400 m3.

Step 4.We can weigh aggregates on a weighbridge or a belt scale.

Step 5.Once the process of weighing aggregates is done then we need to transport them to the mixer.

Step 6.Now we need to deliver the cement and this task has been done through the tanker truck and stored in the silos (that must be waterproof). The role of filters in cement silos is crucial because they can secure the release of dust into the air.

Step 7.Now, let’s talk about the mixer because it is the primary component of RMC plants. The capacity of the mixer is between 1 to 3 m³. The mixer receives all weighed components such as aggregates, water, and cement. You need to mix all these components in a mixer of plant for at least 1 minute to make a homogeneous mixture of concrete.

Step 8.After completing the mixing task in the mixer, you can get the concrete from the door at the bottom of the mixer.

Market Growth of RMC Plant:

Optimizing and analysing the RMC plant market growth in India is important and when we overview the data and recent reports we found that the Indian ready mix concrete market size is more than USD 15 million. However, during the Covid-19 period, the concrete batching plant market was negatively affected.

Compact Batching Plant:

These plants are mainly designed for the smaller units of the project and the assembly and transportation process of these plants are compact for the users. Compact concrete batching plants are known for their ease of transport and faster result.

Mobile Batching Plant:

Mobile concrete batching plants are compatible with the 3 mixer types and no cranes are required to use these plants because these plants are small and easy to transport from one place to another.

Horizontal/Stationary Batching Plant:

Flexibility, efficiency, and reliability for big projects are some prominent features of stationary concrete batching plants. This type of machinery works on the principle of high production capacity and high performance.


A ready mix concrete plant or RMC plant is a concrete-producing machine that works with advanced technology components to produce high-quality concrete in a fast and productive manner.

A major question asked by so many buyers is about the RMC plant cost or RMC plant pricing. You can set up an RMC plant between the cost of 20 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs in India.

Here you can check the different batching plants' capacity

  • Mobile type – 20 to 60 m3/hr.
  • Stationary type – 30 to 200 m3/hr.
  • Portable type – 10 to 30 m3/hr.
  • Mini batch plant – 8 to 13 m3/hr.

Ready mix concrete plants are profitable for mid and big-size construction projects. Thus, if you are working on big projects or medium size projects and want to complete the project before the deadline with higher productivity then the use of the RMC plant is profitable for your company. You can search for “RMC Plant Near me” if you are interested in invest in this construction machinery for the high-performing construction goals.

Requirements of RMC plant refers to the equipment and things that are installed in this machinery that decides “how concrete is produced in the RMC plants”.

  • Key personnel
  • Concrete mix design
  • Production, and testing facilities
  • control on the quality of concrete ingredients
  • Final product
  • Delivery
  • Control and maintenance of process control equipment

There are three types of RMC plants available in the market at the RMC plant manufacturer such as mobile, compact, and stationary concrete batching plant. You can consider it as per your requirement or capacity.

As per the market stats and customer reviews, Nilkanth Engineering Works is one of the best RMC plant companies in India.

There are three major types of RMC plants mobile, compact and stationary concrete batching plants.

Stephen Stepanian was the inventor of the ready mixed concrete batching system in 1914.