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The range of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants in India is also extensive and the models are also available in the vast range. We can’t imagine the task of construction on the roads, bridges, Canals and various other building projects without the help of huge batching plants. There is no doubt, these plants are also responsible for producing high-quality concrete in an appropriate amount in the short period. These are the high-tech equipment for the civil industry which makes the task of construction easy for the customers. And Mobile concrete equipment can be easily installed and dismantled at any place and as such require very minimum Erection or set up Time before use.

What is a Mobile Concrete Plant?


Being used at almost all construction projects, concrete is now produced at concrete plants with precise weighing and high mixing technology. Aggregate, cement, water and additives are weighed precisely at weighing scales in accordance with the concrete recipes determined as per previous laboratory tests and are mixed homogeneously by high efficiency fast concrete mixers to produce high quality concrete. (Full Screen Image as per maka Global mobile category page)

Right Quality & Quantity of Concrete in Quick Time:

Well, Civil Construction Industry gives too much attention to the use of Concrete Mixing Plants in India because this equipment helps them to produce the right quality and quantity of concrete in a quick time. Mobile plants are working precisely and the functioning of the tool is also very accurate which will never create the issue during the construction process.

Mobile Concrete Plants Have Weighing Units for Different Materials:

As we know, the massive sphere of the Civil Construction Industry and Concrete Plants also weighing units for the peculiar substances, transferring system, mixing unit, control panels, material storage systems, and different other options components as well. In the Mobile Concrete Batching Plants in India cement is mainly applied as a binding material for mixing sand, water, and aggregates and major additives as well to produce concrete in a fast manner for the civil construction projects.


Easy Movability and Superior Mixing Performance:

Last but not the least significance of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants in India for the Civil Construction Industry is easy movability and superior mixing performance. Both qualities are available in the Nilkanth Batching Plants. Nilkanth is the Leading Concrete Batching Plants Manufacturer in India and they offer the new and amazing range of batching plants for the civil construction industry in the various parts of the country.

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Bottom Line:

Don’t think so much if you are also civil construction project management or related to this industry for investing in mobile concrete batching plants to upgrade the construction process.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Concrete Plants?


When compared to stationary concrete plant, Mobile Concrete Plant offer the following advantages to its users:

  • Easier to transport. The main unit of a Mobile Concrete Plant can be transported by a tractor.
  • Faster and easier installation, disassembling and trans locating. Flexibility.
  • Less installation space. Installable within the project area.
  • Less concrete foundation requirement. Installable on a flat concrete floor.

The above mentioned advantages allow project-based construction companies to have great flexibility and to make significant savings in their total costs. Mobile Concrete Plants are mostly preferred by construction companies for their project-based works.

Where to Use Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile Concrete Plants are the product of a sophisticated engineering work. All units are placed in a smaller area through aesthetic design. They are also preferred by ready mixed concrete companies for major construction projects to which they supply concrete, by establishing a mobile concrete plant within the area of a project to make concrete production only for that project.

Before the Mobile Concrete Plants, construction companies were providing concrete from readymixed concrete companies if there is any near the project area, or they were establishing a stationary concrete plant for their project. However, in some countries and for some projects, this procurement way increased the costs of the construction companies as well as caused them not to supply high-quality concrete on time.


Various types of Mobile Concrete Plants offer appropriate solutions for any projects, allowing all construction companies to be more independent and more flexible regarding the concrete production for their projects.

Features of Mobile Concrete Plant

Nilkanth Mobile Concrete Batching Plant - Single Chassis Compacts, which reflect Nilkanth’ smanufacturing culture based on high technology and experience since 1982, provides the following advantages to its users:

  • Mobile, easy to transport
  • Requires less land area and less manpower
  • Less electricity consumption compare to other concrete batching plant
  • Modular construction provides easy accessibility for maintenance.
  • Heavy duty robust chassis fabricated from structural steel.
  • Less foundation / civil work.
  • Short cycle time and high uniform concrete quality.