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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


In India, there is a wide variety of mobile concrete batching plant, and there are many different types to choose from. Without the assistance of huge batching plant, it would be impossible to complete the Project of building roads, bridges, canals, and other types of building Construction. Without a doubt, these facilities are also in charge of creating concrete of a high standard in a timely manner and in the necessary quantity. These are cutting-edge tools for the civil engineering sector that simplify client's construction tasks. Additionally, mobile concrete equipment is simple to assemble and disassemble anywhere, and as a result, it takes less amount of time to setup before use.

What Is Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

What is a Mobile Concrete Plant?

Concrete is now manufactured in concrete facilities with exact weighing and advanced mixing technologies and is used in nearly all construction projects. To manufacture high-quality concrete, aggregate, cement, water, and additives are accurately weighed at weighing scales in line with the concrete recipes established based on earlier laboratory testing. High efficiency quick concrete mixers then mix the ingredients uniformly.

Right Quantity & Quality of Mobile Batching Plant in Short Time:

The Civil Construction Industry in India pays a lot of attention to the use of Concrete Mixing Plant since this machinery enables them to generate the proper quality and quantity of concrete in a timely manner. Mobile Batching Plant operate exactly, and the tool's functionality is also highly precise, so problems will never arise during the construction process.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Have Weighing Units for Various Materials:

Weighing units for unusual substances, transferring systems, mixing units, control panels, material storage systems, and several other alternative components are all included in the broad field of the civil construction industry and concrete Batching plant, as is well known. Cement is primarily used in mobile concrete batching plant India as a binding agent when mixing sand, water, aggregates, and other additives to quickly manufacture concrete for civil construction projects.

portable concrete mixer batching plant

Easy Movability and Superior Mixing Performance of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

The ease of mobility and higher mixing performance of mobile concrete batching plant in India are also significant for the civil construction industry. The Nilkanth Batching Plant have both attributes. Nilkanth is the top manufacturer of concrete batching plant in India, and they provide a brand-new, incredible selection of Concrete batching plant for the nation's civil construction industry in all regions.

Easy Movability and Superior Mixing Performance

What are the Advantages of Mobile Batching Plant?

What are the Advantages of Mobile Concrete Plant?

Mobile Batching Plant give their consumers the following benefits over stationary concrete Batching plant:

  • More Transportable. A tractor can move the main unit of a mobile concrete plant.
  • Installation, disassembly, and translocating are all faster and easier.
  • Flexibility.
  • Less Room for Installation.
  • Less Need for Concrete Foundation. Can be set on a Flat Concrete Floor

Project-based construction companies can have a great deal of flexibility and save a lot of money. For their construction-based business, construction companies primarily prefer mobile concrete Batching plant.

Where to Use Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The creation of Mobile Concrete Plant is the result of intricate engineering work. Through the use of appealing design, all units are confined to a smaller space. By locating a mobile concrete plant inside the boundaries of a project to produce concrete only for that project, ready mixed concrete businesses choose them for large building projects to which they sell concrete.

In the past, building companies either established a permanent concrete mill for their project or purchased ready-mixed concrete from suppliers located close to the project site. However, in some nations and for some projects, this method of procurement raised the prices for the construction firms and prevented them from delivering high-quality concrete on schedule.

Where to Use Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

All construction organisations may be more independent and adaptable when it comes to the production of concrete for their projects thanks to the various types of mobile concrete Batching plant that are available.

Features of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The following benefits are offered to users of Nilkanth Mobile Concrete Batching Plant - Single Chassis Compacts, which embody Nilkanth's production culture based on high technology and experience since 1982

  • portable, simple to transport
  • less land and labour are needed, and it uses less electricity than other concrete batching plant.
  • Modular construction offers simple maintenance access.
  • A lot of work goes into creating Strong Chassis Made Of Structural Steel.
  • Less civil and foundation work.
  • Fast cycle times and uniformly high-quality concrete.
Features of Mobile Concrete Plant

Bottom Line:

If you manage civil construction projects or work in a similar field, you shouldn't hesitate to invest in mobile concrete batching units to modernise the construction process.


A mobile concrete batching plant is a portable facility that allows for the production of concrete at various construction sites. It consists of compact components that can be easily transported and set up for on-site concrete production.

Two types of mobile concrete batching plant are classified as Cross bin type with the capacity of 20 m³/h 30 m³/h 45 m³/h and Inline 3 bin type with a capacity of 30 m³/h 45 m³/h 60 m³/h Mobile concrete batching plant price in India starts from 25 lacs with requirements of clients.

Mobile concrete batching plant available in capacity 20,30,45,60 M³

The main purpose of a mobile concrete batching plant is to provide flexibility and convenience in concrete production. It enables concrete to be produced directly at the construction site, eliminating the need for transportation of ready-mixed concrete from a centralized plant.

The features of the mobile concrete batching plant provided by Nilkanth Engineering Works may vary, but they typically include a compact design, easy transportation and installation, high production capacity, accurate weighing system, efficient mixing system, user-friendly control panel, and optional features like water chilling unit and additive system.

A mobile concrete batching plant operates in a similar manner to a stationary plant. It consists of aggregate bins, cement silos, conveyor belts, mixers, and control systems. The components are mounted on a mobile chassis, allowing the entire plant to be transported to the desired location. Once on-site, the plant is set up, and the ingredients (aggregates, cement, water, additives) are combined in the appropriate proportions to produce the desired concrete mixture.

Yes, the mobile concrete batching plant provided by Nilkanth Engineering Works is designed for easy transportation. It is typically equipped with wheels or a trailer, allowing it to be towed to different construction sites as needed.

Yes, the mobile concrete batching plant is designed for quick and easy setup. It usually comes in pre-wired and pre-plumbed modules, which can be easily assembled on-site, minimizing the installation time and effort.

Yes, Nilkanth Engineering Works typically offers after-sales support for their products, including mobile concrete batching plants. They may provide technical assistance, spare parts, and maintenance services to ensure the efficient functioning of the plant.

Yes, the mobile concrete batching plant provided by Nilkanth Engineering Works can produce different types of concrete, including plain concrete, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, and specialty concrete. The plant can be customized to meet specific project requirements.

Yes, the mobile concrete batching plant is particularly suitable for remote or temporary construction sites where access to ready-mixed concrete may be limited. It allows for on-site production of concrete, ensuring a continuous supply for the project.

Yes, the mobile concrete batching plant from Nilkanth Engineering Works can be integrated with other equipment or systems, such as concrete pumps, concrete mixers, or additive systems, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

The production capacity range of the mobile concrete batching plants provided by Nilkanth Engineering Works can vary depending on the specific model. They may offer plants with capacities ranging from a few cubic meters per hour to several tens of cubic meters per hour.