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Compact Concrete Batching Plant for sale - Cross Bin



The NE 30/45/60 CP is your best option if you have restricted space but need to create concrete in small quantities due to the nature of your operation. The Cross Bin type of compact concrete batching machine is fully mechanized and includes storage for gravel and sand. It consists of a single chassis and two cross bins arranged crosswise. Because of its quick installation time, modest footprint, and requirement for only a basic foundation, this product is ideally suited for usage by construction companies of a size ranging from small to larger. The utilization of few or no foundations results in a reduction in operational costs and an improvement in mobility to an entirely new level



A chassis that is compact and made of a single piece - Accessibility as well as attention to the needs of customers

A chassis that is compact and made of a single piece

A single chassis offers excellent durability, ease of travel, quick installation, and continuous long-life operation, all of which contribute to more accurate weighing when vibrations are minimized. Other advantages include longer product life and shorter installation times.

Accessibility as well as attention to the needs of customers

Access to the primary components of the mixer as well as the weighing hoppers is made simple and risk-free by the expansive platforms on the NE 30/45/60 CP. The load cell, the motor, gearbox, and the elevated platform for servicing the cylinders are all included in this purchase.

The capability of moving fast and without difficulty

Transporting the NE 30/45/60 CP, which features a screw conveyor for the cement Hopper, requires only one regular trailer or a 40HC container rather than the two often required. The primary chassis consists of a single component, which cuts down on time needed for numerous installs.

The capability of moving fast and without difficulty
Quick and easy installation - Having high-quality automation is necessary when it comes to getting the most satisfactory possible results

Quick and easy installation

Concrete Batching plant NE 30/45/60 CP Compact is plumbed and tested at the production factories before being shipped to the job sites to reduce the amount of site work required during installation. Depending on the machinery involved, installing compact concrete mixing plant such as the NE 30/45/60 CP can usually be completed in a single day.

Having high-quality automation is necessary when it comes to getting the most satisfactory possible results.

The Nilkanth automation system plays a significant role in the production of concrete that is both quick and of excellent quality. Around the world, there are around 600 concrete batching Plants facilities, which generates significant feedback for potential improvements. Recent developments have resulted in a concrete batching plant control panel that is uncomplicated, all-encompassing, and extremely sensitive. These advancements were made possible by the extensive expertise that has been accumulated. Consequently, our control panel may be taught in as little as three to four hours by any operator, regardless of their level of experience.

A pan mixing tool with capacities of 0.5, 0.7, and 1.0 m³

In this stage of the production process for high-quality Concrete mixing plant is required since it is essential to get modern concrete mixtures to the desired level of homogeneity and workability as rapidly as is practically possible.

A pan mixing tool with capacities of 0.5, 0.7, and 1.0 m³


OUT CAPACITY 20 m³/h 30 m³/h 45 m³/h 60 m³/h
HOPPERS 2 X 2 2 X 2 2 X 2 2 X 2
STORAGE CAP. 10 M³ 15 Cu.M 20 Cu.M 30 Cu.M
BATCH CAPACITY 0.35 M³ 0.5 CU.M 0.75 CU.M 1.0 CU.M
POWER REQUIRED 49 HP 59.0 HP 69.0 HP 81.0 HP
POWER SUPPLY 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 PHASE, A.C.
Compact Concrete Batching Plant Cross-Bin - Nilkanth Engineering Works

Sand and gravel are often kept in hoppers or cross bins that measure 2 x 2. On each Hopper are gates that are opened and closed using pneumatic actuators. Gravel and sand weighing conveyor with four electronic load cells are suspended from the ceiling. On top of the sand, the Hopper is a bin vibratory motor that has been fitted.

A charge conveyor that makes use of rubber belts is used to feed the aggregates and sand that have been previously weighed into the equipment that is known as a Stationary Concrete Batching Plant - Pan Mixer.

It is a heavy-duty steel pan type mixer with a wear-resistant replacement liner plate that is 10 millimeters thick and spring-loaded paddle mixer arms with replaceable blades. In a Pan Mixer, a gate that is operated hydraulically can be installed so that the concrete mixture can be discharged more quickly. Pan Mixer Pan The mixing arm is powered using a planetary Gear Box in conjunction with a motor.

A submersible pump and the related pipelines bring water from the storage tank to the mixer, where it is mixed. The PLC is responsible for managing the amount of water consumed throughout each cycle or batch. By dosing water and gravel simultaneously, it is feasible to cut down on cycle time and abrasion caused by the Pan Mixer (aggregates).

A cement weigher that is outfitted with an independent load cell is used to complete the task of weighing the cement. Cement is stored in a hopper attached to the frame of an infeed charging conveyor. The cement must be delivered to the cement weigher, and the Screw Conveyor is responsible for making that happen.

  • Conveniently small and portable, in addition to being quick and easy to set up
  • Less land and fewer people are required to maintain it, making it friendlier to the environment.
  • This particular concrete batching plant consumes less electricity compared to others of its kind.
  • Because modular buildings are so much more convenient to access, maintaining them is much simpler.
  • A Durable Structural Steel Chassis That Is Made To Last For A Very Long Time.
  • In this scenario, neither the foundation nor civil work will be carried out.
  • Quick Cycle Times While Maintaining High-Quality Concrete


Our machines are built in compliance with national and intentional criteria, and before shipping, we put every piece of equipment through a test to ensure that it is in working order. Quality is prioritized throughout the production process at Nilkanth Engineering works' concrete batching plant, which are well known for their reliability. Nilkanth, who has more than four decades of experience, has never prioritized profit over quality in his work. The quality of your concrete finished product directly correlates to the quality of the concrete batching plant you used. To Nilkanth, it is not merely a word; instead, it is everything. You have my word on this and should put your faith in it.

At the moment, our business is working on increasing its presence in the market. Because of our excellent reputation and widespread presence around the globe, we have earned customers' trust from every region on the planet. Nilkanth Engineering Works is renowned worldwide for its high customer satisfaction, which directly results from the outstanding service they provide. Because of our superior customer service and the positive reputation it has earned us in the industry, we have secured more orders from the same client on multiple occasions.

Yes. Our machines come with a guarantee for one year, and we have knowledgeable support staff standing by to assist you after the sale. Even though the vast majority of Nilkanth's onsite service issues are handled over the phone or through remote video help, if a problem is incapable of being resolved remotely, our service experts will be sent to your location within the shortest amount of time that is practically possible to resolve your problem.

Yes. We can send a team of engineers to the location of the work to assist with the installation, adjustment, and training of any equipment. Nilkanth Engineering Works hosts regular in-person and online operator training programs for its employees. They had all traveled here from various locations across the nation. The components of a panel wiring system, such as load cells, limit switches, and module wiring, were broken down into parts and explained in turn by the members of Nilkanth's team. In addition, our Engineer Mr. Mohak Barot has provided all of the operators with some brief insights on the control panel and has discussed each function of the SCADA SYSTEM. A live demonstration of the control panel installed in our concrete batching plant was given after the control panel had been assembled and installed. The Operator Training Program that we offer benefits all our personnel.

Is there something you can buy from Nilkanth Engineering? The Quality Assessment Team of Nilkanth has validated the product's exceptionally high levels of dependability and safety.

After forty years of hard work and steadfast assistance, we can now provide a proforma invoice within thirty minutes, according to the specifications, along with the confirmation that we deliver spare parts from our manufacturing facility the same day to save you valuable time. This achievement came about after forty years of labour.

Our Engineer will be able to set up the plant in between twenty-four and forty-eight hours with the assistance of our Engineer and your three to four assistants and one or two Hydra Cranes, provided that you have these resources available.

Indeed, we can personalize a broad selection of items to fulfil the requirements outlined by our clients.

We can provide you with the most affordable prices because we are a manufacturing company. We quote the lowest possible price for every one of our customers to keep our business dealings ethical while reducing the amount of time spent on each transaction.

The following transactions from the bank are typically accepted: RTGS, NEFT, TT, and DO. A deposit equal to forty percent of the total price, with the remaining balance required before the item is shipped Before we send out orders for finished products, we always take pictures or make videos of them for our records.

We have.

Subsequently to the receipt of the money in advance. The typical wait time is between three and seven days if the machine is in stock. If the machine is not in stock, the delivery period will likely range from 7 to 15 days.

Our goal at NILKANTH is to surpass conventional performance benchmarks and keep providing dependable, customer-driven solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial, and infrastructure applications.

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