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Unique Features of Nilkanth Concrete Batching Plant

Ever wondered why is it so important for any project to have top quality batching plant? Concrete is the heart of construction industry. Concreting is a critical activity in any construction. Concreting is that part of construction wherein zero tolerance is adapted towards any type of delay. High manpower and machineries are on anvil while concreting. Most of the concreting is done through batching plant. Hence adopting a reliable company for manufacturing of concrete is a topmost priority.

Unique Features of Nilkanth Concrete Batching Plant - Nilkanth Engineering Works

Nilkanth Engineering Works has constructed 1000+ batching plant over ten countries. We have expertise in designing low and high-volume Ready Mix Concrete Batching plant. We provide customized solution to every client as we believe every project is different from one another.

With over 40 years of experience, Nilkanth Engineering Works is one of the best in the market for construction of concrete batching plant. With the variety of batching plant, pivotal knowledge, skilled manpower and dedicated teams, Nilkanth Engineering Works is cut above in concrete batching plant installation.

The unique features of Nilkanth Engineering works are as follows:

Quality: Nilkanth Engineering works always prefer high quality products which are optimum for its specific function. With rich experience in installation and construction of batching plant Nilkanth engineering works assures you of supreme material and products. Quality of concrete depends on quality of batching plant. For Nilkanth Engineering works Quality is commitment.

Fast Service: Nilkanth Engineeirng works is known for its quick service team. The issue is tried to resolve through call or video conference. Issues which require on site support, we at nilkanth engineering works are committed to send engineers to your site at quickest possible time.

Standard Parts: Nilkanth engineering work uses quality spare parts which adhere to latest market requirement and can withstand worst onsite conditions. Quality Assessment team at Nilkanth Engineering Work makes sure that batching plant is made of standard parts which can be easily repaired and are available.

Fast Spare Delivery: After launching of batching plant over the period, if there are operational issues, we at Nilkanth Engineering work release the software based proforma within 30 minutes. To save your time, we send the spare part from our manufacturing unit on the same day. We ensure that spare part delivery reaches the destination in fastest way.

Improvement and Innovation: With changing times, the demand of concrete fluctuates, so we strive on continuous improvement and focus on innovation. Since 1985, we believe research and development have the power to change the course of concrete industry. There have been lot of improvements and changes. We have been able to ride the tide of time successfully.

Trust: Nilkanth Engineering Work has been very known name in concrete industry. With trust of people, we get repeated orders. We also get orders from reference of our clients. Customer satisfaction is the core principle of Nilkanth Engineering works. We are determined to deliver the best in the market.

24x7 customer service: Our customer service team is active during sales and even after sales query. We are easily approachable, friendly and have dedicated team for customer query and post sales issues.

Post sales Service: At Nilkanth Engineering Works we take post sales more seriously than sales itself. Teleconsulting is provided on any issue. If issue is not resolved and spare part is required, same day spare part is sent to your site. If the issue persists than our team shall reach your site in short notice.

High Technology Inclination: We believe in using technology for better customer satisfaction and high quality of productivity. We focus on improving and increasing efficiency which can be helpful to our clients.

We have the right manpower, dedicated teams, proficient customer service teams and rich knowledge to execute installation of batching plant at any location within given time frame. We understand requirements of clients and deliver exactly what the client needs. Nilkanth Family is always in service of clients and development of nation.

Be it computer aided control panel or fully automatic batching plant, Nilkanth Engineering, works for the best quality. With three decades of experience under the belt, we envisage to be the torch bearer of concrete industry.

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