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Types of Concrete Batching Plant

“The Imperial vastness of late Roman Architecture was made possible by the invention of concrete- Ian McGilchrist”

Types of Concrete Batching Plant - Nilkanth Engineering Works

Infrastructure is the second most influential sector after agriculture in India. With high-speed construction over past few years and sighting the overwhelming demand of fast development of roads, cities, and urban sub hubs, the need of latest infrastructure development is eminent.

Concrete is the basic material used most widely in India. Manufacturing of high strength concrete requires lot of precision and accuracy. There comes concrete batching plant for your rescue. Depending on various requirement of clients, concrete batching plant covers the requirements of a robust infrastructure need. Concrete batching plant is a costly installation hence its cost to utilization ratio should be studied before investing into it.

In the urban cities of Gujarat, it is very difficult to get concrete as per desired quantity and quality. Based on few researches and few experiences we have come up with three types of batching plant. They are as follows:

We shall elaborate each one of the batching plant in detail so as to assist you in choosing the right type of batching plant.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

Type of structure: It is tyre mounted concrete batching plant which takes few hours for installation and can be transported with one trailer.

Most Suitable Conditions: Based on its function and role we recommend you few cases wherein mobile batching plant is suitable. Mobile Concrete Batching plant is easy to transport at those location where there is high congestion, like urban area, brown field construction wherein our site is surrounded by existing/old construction.

Type of concreting: For Mobile Concrete Batching plant, most suitable concrete type is pump concreting as the discharge height is only 1.5meters it is most suitable for pump concreting. Transit Mixer cannot be loaded through mobile concrete batching plant because of height of discharge constraint.

Types of mobile concrete batching plant: The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is divided into three sub parts based on its maximum discharge capacity of concrete. Mobile Concrete Batching Plant are available in 30/45/60 m³/hour with batch capacity of 0.5,0.75 and 1 m³. There are three hoppers with storage

Compact Concrete Batching Plant:

Type of structure: It is placed on minimal foundation with a ramp of 6-7 feet for loading of materials. It can be transported with help of trailer

Most Suitable Conditions: Compact Concrete Batching plant is suitable for sites which have space constraint. For example it can be useful for residential or commercial complex wherein batching plant can be set up in garden area or parking.

Type of concreting: Compact Concrete Batching Plant can be used for transit mixer or Pump Concrete or one can use for both. Compact Concrete Batching Plant are available for various discharge height. So taking up higher height can give you option of using Transit Mixer or Pump Concrete.

Types of Compact Concrete Batching Plant: Basically, we have three types of Compact Concrete Batching Plant based on capacity of 30/45/60 m³/hour with batching capacity of 0.5/0.75 and 1 m³/hour. It has storage capacity of 25/35/40 m³. We have compact concrete batching plant with 1.5m height and 3.5m height. For transit mixer 3.5m is sufficient. Moreover, one can attach pipe to the discharge hopper in 3.5m height if one wants to do pump concrete at site. The mixer used is pan type with power of 59/69/81 HP respectively.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant:

Type of structure: It is placed on solid foundation, wherein cement silos are used for making concrete. A ramp of suitable height also needs to be constructed.

Most Suitable Conditions: Stationary Concrete Batching Plant are most suitable of heavy concreting of any type of structures. A site where there is heavy pouring, Stationary Concrete Batching plant has all the answers. It can be used for multiple tower constructions, or roads, bridges, under water piling and offshore structures.

Type of concreting: Sites, where in transit mixers are used for mass concreting are best suitable for stationary concrete batching plant.

Types of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant: Based on capacity of concrete discharge, we have three types of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant these are 75/90/120 m3/hour. The stationary type batching plant is having twin-shaft mixer with discharge height of 4m from finished ground level. Storage capacity is 60/80/90 m3/hour for stationary concrete batching plant with batch capacity of 0.5/0.75/1 m3.

Types of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


There are three types of concrete plant - Compact, Mobile, and Stationary Concrete.

The three different types of concrete batching plant are static batching plant, mobile batching plant and stationary batching plant. The answer to this question depends upon the purpose. Each type of concrete plan caters to a specific purpose.

Concrete is the world's most widely used construction material, and concrete batching plant are a critical component of any construction site. The process begins by putting raw materials into a hopper and then preparing and mixing them before transferring them to an oven for curing. The concrete batching plant manufacturers work with their customers to ensure that every step of the process goes as expected.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant ,Compact Concrete Batching Plant ,Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant makes the material i=with the use of tools and transport it to construction site ready for use.

Major advantages of Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

  • Descrese Noise and Air Pollution
  • Less space required for Construction Material
  • Higher Durability

20M³ ,30 M³,45M³,60M³

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant ,Compact Concrete Batching Plant ,Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Batching can be done by two methods, volume batching and weight batching.


Hence, based on the usage, time duration and project specification, we at nilkanth engineering strive for most optimum, user friendly and simple solution to your complex construction.

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