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Features Of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete plant or concrete batching plant is a place where concrete is made using various ingredients. Water, air, admixtures, sand, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), fly ash, silica fume, slag, and cement are some of the ingredients used in making concrete.

Features Of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant - Nilkanth Engineering Works

What is a mobile concrete plant?

The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant are highly efficient fast concrete mixers which are movable and produce high-quality concrete.

What are features of mobile concrete batching plant?

In India, the choice of mobile concrete batching plant is likewise large, with a variety of models to choose from. Without a doubt, these plant are also responsible for creating high-quality concrete in sufficient quantities on time. There are various features of the mobile Concrete Batching Plant some of which are mentioned below

1. Easy To Transport

The mobile concrete batching plant is movable and it is very convenient to transport from one place to another. Nilkanth engineering works are the top Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer In India.

2. Requires Less Land Area And Less Manpower

Nilkanth engineering work is the best mobile Concrete Batching Plant manufacturer which is made to require less land area and less manpower which are the best qualities for any mobile concrete plant. They will be very efficient and pocket-friendly also.

3. Less Electricity Consumption Compared to other batching plant

Nilkanth engineering work is one of the rarest Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters which utilises less electricity in comparison to other batching plant. They are very eco-friendly and more efficient too.

4. Producing Modular Construction

Nilkanth engineering works is India's Top Exporter of Concrete Manufacturing Plant producing modular Construction that Provides Easy Accessibility For Maintenance

5. Heavy-Duty Robust Chassis Fabricated From Structural Steel

Nilkanth engineering works is an efficient manufacturer of heavy-duty robust chassis fabricated from structural plant

6. Less Foundation / Civil Work

Nilkanth engineering works has the mobile Concrete Batching Plant with less civil work /less foundation

7. Short Cycle Time And High Uniform Concrete Quality

Nilkanth engineering works has designed a mobile concrete batching plant that makes uniform quality concrete in a short cycle time.



Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The Price is Vary According to Model and Country; You have to call us For More Details.

It can save time and money for the production of concrete and complete the construction site's task as soon as possible.

  • Easy Transport
  • Requires less land area and less manpower
  • Modular construction provides easy accessibility for maintenance
  • Heavy duty robust chassis fabricated from structural steel More Transportable
  • A Tractor Can Move The Main Unit Of A Mobile Concrete Plant
  • Installation, Disassembly, And Translocating Are All Faster And Easier
  • It Uses Less Electricity Than Other Concrete Batching Plant
  • Modular Construction Offers Simple Maintenance Access
  • Fast Cycle Times And Uniformly High-Quality Concrete

20M³ ,30 M³,45M³,60M³

Mobile concrete batching plant it means concrete batching plant can move from one location to another location with minimal time with the help of Tractor.


Mobile concrete batching plant have great significance in the civil construction industry in India because of their portability and high mixing performance. The various features include easy transportability, eco-friendly making, use of less manpower, good quality concrete product in short cycles etc.Nilkanth engineering work’s mobile concrete batching plant serve all the purposes of the concrete making and are India's Top Exporter of Concrete Manufacturing Plant.

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