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The best concrete batching plant Manufacturer in Gujarat

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The best concrete batching plant Manufacturer in Gujarat - Nilkanth Engineering Works

What is a concrete batching plant?

Yes, a concrete plant is also known as batching plant; a plant that joins together various components to make concrete.

These intakes include water, wind, sand, aggregate rocks, ash, silica fume, gravel, etc.

The construction of these plant requires maximum knowledge about the batching area and its mechanical launch stage.

Parts of batching plant

Many types of partitions in a concrete plant also have their additions; some of the equipment involved is:

Cement batchers, drum or horizontal mixers, aggregate batchers, aggregate bins, cement silo, batch plant control, dust collector, conveyors, etc. We understand that these mixers are of many types in concrete batching plant.

For example- Pan Mixer, Twin Shaft Mixer, Planetary Mixer, Drum Mixer can test a uniform mixture of concrete through high horsepower motors, whereas tilt mixer provides a large batch of concrete mix.

In North America, the dominant central mixer is a tilt drum style,

And in others globally, a twin shaft mixer verified much more common. The same pan of planetary mixer has proved to be very common in precast plant.

Types of Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete plant

It is a portable, reliable, productive, and cost-effective piece of equipment used to build batches of concrete in any area.

Because it is transportable, users can easily transport the tools to other locations and start creating batches of concrete.

Benefits of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

When the road driver is forced to thin his concrete due to a delay of time, the concrete turns substandard. In contrast, a mobile concrete batching plant helps you get the concrete where it is needed within minutes of its production

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Stationary concrete plant

The stationary plant is created to produce next-level concrete. It has the advantages of high specification, high efficiency, high stability, and large output. Gujarat's stationary concrete batching plant is excellent and flexible, easy to maintain, and has a low failure rate.

It is used extensively in various projects like bridges, roads, dams, ports, tunnels, and buildings.

Benefits of stationary concrete plant

It is designed to consider maximum capacity, high flexibility, reliability, and efficiency to construct another type of high-quality concrete in series.

Wet mix concrete

It involves mixing all the essential ingredients before mixing and making concrete.

Wet concrete uses a concrete mixer with all necessary components in a central location, stirring along the way of the site (using agitators and pre-mixed cars) to prevent concrete setting. The concrete is mixed and then agitated to prevent movement along the work path and carried to the work path in an open-bodied dump car.


  • Dry plant discussed from the wet plant in that damp mix plant contain a central mixer, which can offer a compatible mixture quickly ( generally takes 5 minutes OR Less).
  • Availability of wet concrete elements readily

Dry mix concrete

A dry concrete plant is also a transit mix plant that weighs sand, gravel, and cement in batchers via manual or digital scales. Then, all the elements are discharged into a slope, which releases into a truck. In this process, water is either weighed or volumetrically metered removed through the same charging pitch into the truck.

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