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“Ultimate Guide of Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant By Nilkanth Engineering Works”

Presently, plenty sorts of concrete mixing plants are feasible in the market but the RMC plant gained acclaim and attention from construction industry companies and professionals.

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant - Nilkanth Engineering Works

Nowadays, most construction sites are using this plant just because of the fast concrete producing process. Yes, because without too much man work, the task can be done by the machine within a few minutes. The machine also reduces the time of construction and that’s why industries love to use this machine.

While discussing the various parts of RMC plants, we can say that a typical ready mix batching concrete plant has silos and bins.

Both are suitable for storing aggregates and cement. As the leading RMC plant manufacturer, we produce high-end, high-quality equipment to usher in a new era in the construction sector.

What is Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant?

Batching plants for ready-mix concrete can make the material using the appropriate tools for the purpose and transport it to the construction site ready for use. This plant can be used in two different ways. A barrel truck or in-transit mixer comes first.

In the urban cities of Gujarat, it is very difficult to get concrete as per desired quantity and quality. Based on few researches and few experiences we have come up with three types of batching plant. They are as follows:

Use of Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

To complete the task of constructions, the use of this plant is widely popular. Mostly big to medium-scale construction firms are using this machine for doing different construction tasks on the site.

Grades of Concrete for India

  • 1. 1:3:6
  • 2. 1:2:4
  • 3. 1:1:2

Parts of Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

  • 1. Aggregate Feeders
  • 2. Aggregate weigh conveyor
  • 3. Charging conveyor / Skip
  • 4. Cement weigh scale
  • 5. Water weigh scale
  • 6. Additive weigh scales
  • 7. Cement silo/hopper with screw conveyor
  • 8. Mixing unit
  • 9. Air compressor
  • 10. Control Panel

Best Ready Mix Concrete Plant Manufacturers in India

Are you looking for the Ready Mix Concrete Plant? Many constructions business industries who are new in this field are finding the ideal supplier or manufacture for this because they want to buy the best machine at a cheap cost.

Nilkanth Engineer Works is well-known as Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer and we are providing the delivery of this machine in all cities of India.

When you examine the Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Price then you will able to know about the right price. Comparison is the important thing for this because without comparison you can’t get the best price.


A ready mix concrete plant, also known as an RMC plant, is a concrete-producing machinery that uses advanced technology elements to produce high-quality concrete in a timely and productive manner.

The RMC plant manufacturer offers three different types of RMC plants on the market, including mobile, compact, and stationary concrete batching plants. You can take it into consideration based on your requirements.

The cost or pricing of the RMC plant is a frequent inquiry from customers. In India, you can set up an RMC plant at between 20 and 75 lakhs.

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