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How to Operate the Cement Silo of Concrete Batching Plant Correctly

What is the cement silo of a concrete batching plant ?

A cement silo of a concrete batching plant is a necessary piece of equipment for ready-mix concrete batching plant and machines that produce concrete products. Without a cement storage silo, the ready-concrete mixing process is impossible. Additionally, it is also utilised in block-making machines.

How to Operate the Cement Silo of Concrete Batching Plant Correctly - Nilkanth Engineering Works

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Why do Concrete batching plant manufacturers have silos?

The concrete batching plant manufacturers have silos because of the following reasons-

  • Silos may store bulk cement in enormous amounts, ensuring that the facility is operating at full capacity.
  • Silos prevent the cement from setting too soon since no water or moisture may enter the container.
  • Silos are connected to hoppers, which will empty the required amount of cement. To make concrete of the desired quality, this is crucial.
  • Many silos are equipped to keep cement constantly heated.
  • When silos are combined with the batcher they reduce manpower compared to using bagged cement. Less manual intervention equals fewer mistakes, rework, accidents, and other mistakes.

What are the ways to operate the Cement/fly ash storage silo Batching Plant India?

Operating the cement silo of the concrete batching plant is an important step. Doing it properly is a significant requisite for concrete batching plant manufacturers. If the operation is not conducted in the right manner it could lead to wasting of cement, improper measurements, wetting of cement, decrease in cement quality and a high cost of production.

The following are the proper ways in which a Cement/fly ash storage silo Batching Plant India can be operated-

1. It is essential to use a speciapsed crane to lower the cement silo onto a ready-made concrete base while it is still in operation. After welding and carefully gauging the cement silo's perpendicularity to the horizontal plane, it is advised to firmly place it at the bottom of the cement silo.

2. It is a good idea to consistently press the button of the vibration motor of precipitate and shake off any concrete that has stuck to the bag of precipitate to prevent the explosion of a cement silo. Additionally, it aids in preventing bag blockage when transferring cement to storage containers.

3. Open the manual discharge valve on the cone's bottom to release the cement using the cement conveyor. If there is an "arch camber" during the discharge process in the concrete batching plant, press the magnetic valve of the arch breaker to blow, which will remove the "arch camber" and ensure a continuous supply of cement.

4. You may occasionally notice that there is an excessive amount of cement wasted because of problems with the conveyor. Close the manual discharge valve on the cement silo's bottom to stop this.


A cement silo is a piece of equipment which helps in bulk material storage. Neelkanth engineering is India's Top Exporter of Concrete Manufacturing Plant which follows the correct operating methodology of the cement silo in the concrete batching plant for producing quality cement.

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