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Concrete Batching Plant Supplier In Bihar

The Financial Department of Bihar has time and again shown interest in attracting major industries ruling the Indian Market to make an impact on industrial development in Bihar. Although being one of the top producers of fruits and vegetable Bihar lags behind in per capita income. Reason being lack of industrialisation. Bihar has a powerful hold on manpower since 58% of this state's population is under 25 years age. This state is also the most densely populated in the whole country with 1106 persons per square km. A potential in labour we may call it.

Concrete Batching Plant Supplier In Bihar - Nilkanth Engineering Works

Bihar has been slow to develop industrially. A number of agencies have been set up by the state government to boost the pace of development. To make ends meet with the development of the whole state, we, at Nilkhant Engineering Works, offer our services.

Concrete being the basic and by far the most commonly used material in almost every construction work from pavements, foundations, roads and bridges to architectural structures. Living a vast life of more than a 100 years and while being very low on carbon footprints concrete is serves an essential purpose in growing the world. We are one of the largest suppliers of Concrete Batching Plant in India with a rapid growth on a global level as well.

To achieve long lasting and high quality concrete we need to set up a Concrete batching unit or a concrete batching plant. Depending on the time and requirement of the construction plan we at, Nilkanth Engineering offer three types of batching plant namely, MOBILE CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT, COMPACT CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT, AND STATIONARY CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT.

Mobile concrete plant:

It is used in almost all construction projects, concrete is now manufactured in concrete plant with precise weighing and advanced mixing technology. According to the concrete formulation specified in previous laboratory tests and mixed homogeneously into high-quality concrete with a highperformance high-speed concrete mixer.

Stationary concrete plant:

These are consistently designed with maximum capacity, high flexibility, efficiency and reliability in mind for the production of all types of high-quality concrete

Compact Concrete Plant:

It consists of smaller units of prefabricated or pre-wired production systems, which are often transported in batches to be finally assembled on site. This ensures faster and easier transportation.

These are obviously simplified concepts and methods which we can only understand if put up in layman terms. In India, we ultimately focus on the cost of the product. Here at Nilkanth Engineering Works, we put up a price after analysing the necessity of the customer. There is no specific pricing range since the requirement of concrete varies every construction site. But we assure our solutions and set up to be economical and efficient at the same time. With the fast moving world we need to up our game as well. We offer fast spare deliveries, post installation service and much more.

We, at Nilkanth Engineering, head toe to toe with the technological advancements made around the globe. We pride in serving our customers with the best there is. From optimum performing units to economic modules we offer a wide range depending on the needs of our customers. We thrive on serving our customers with their requirements to the word. We are known for our fast response and onsite service. Solutions can be provided over a phone call or via video calling and if necessary our service engineers always on the stand by.

We already have working units in the cities Buxar, Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur. But we will not be settling for this. Dalmianagar, India's oldest industrial town, is now ghosted. We want to help it regain its glory and liveliness which can achieved only by hard work and constant efforts. We promise to deliver that hard work.We aim to be a part of that glory by being an essential in making a move towards a newer industrial age.

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