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7 Reasons to Use a Volumetric Mixer as Mobile Batching Plant

Are you thinking to replace a Mobile Batching Plant with a volumetric concrete mixer? Well, this is not worthy and not a bad notion for every user because everyone has a different specific requirement for using batching plant. In many circumstances, users think to replace this but can’t find the robust reason for this task but don’t worry here we are going to replace the top 7 reasons to use a volumetric mixer rather than a batching plant.

7 Reasons to Use a Volumetric Mixer as Mobile Batching Plant - Nilkanth Engineering Works

1. An Ideal Replacement of So-Called Traditional Drum Mixing

In the 21st century if your construction task has been done through the traditional drum mixing process then you may miss the advancement of technology. First of all, by using the Volumetric Mixer you can avoid the traditional drum mixing and the higher cost on concrete production as well.

2. Produce Fresh and Higher Quantity of Concrete For Project

The main purpose of the users for using a drum mixer or Stationary Concrete Batching Plant is producing a fresh and higher quantity of concrete for the project. Well, you can also do this by the Volumetric Concrete Mixer as well.

3. Highly Efficient For Your Goals

What you really need from any kind of concrete batching plant? I think efficiency is the first purpose to invest in a batching plant? You can also get the feature of efficiency by using a Volumetric Mixture and that’s why this is the most important reason to replace this from the batching plant.

4. Get Exact Mix Design Consistently of Concrete

Changes in the concrete mix designs or additives are the common things but you can still get the exact or accurate mix design consistency of concrete production with the help of a Volumetric Mixer and that’s why this is the ideal replacement of Mobile Mixing Plant.

5. Environment-Friendly Option

This is also the major fact that Volumetric Mixer also helps to reduce the use of water and carbon emission that eliminates wastage of concrete ingredients for the users. That means, replacement of the Volumetric Mixer with a Batching Plant is the Environment-Friendly option for you.

6. Affordable Investment For Construction Projects

Many people don’t want to invest money in the expensive concrete machinery and that’s why they are looking for an affordable investment option. You can reduce the amount of investment of around 70 percent by choosing the Volumetric Mixer for the production of concrete rather than a drum mixer.

7. Avoid Higher Labor Cost

Last but not least 7th reason for the replacement of the Volumetric Mixer with a batching plant is reducing the labor cost for the construction project and improve the ROI of your business.

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